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At Action Marketing, we specialize in the development of successful television and digital media campaigns. Our approach is a holistic one, which is why we are committed to all aspects of developing a successful business, from designing and optimizing your website, to developing an iconic brand identity, to turning you into an influencer in your social sphere. Our team has been instrumental in the launching of several products selling over a million units and we take pride in our commitment and dedication to every client we work with.

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Evan Shofron


Action Marketing is led by President Evan Shofron, an award-winning television and video producer/director, with decades of marketing expertise. During his career, Shofron has been successful in many areas of marketing including internet, television direct response, home shopping, infomercial, database marketing, and retail.


Under Shofron’s leadership, Action Marketing has garnered much recognition in several industries. Here are some examples:
  • Google produced a video which centered on Shofron’s groundbreaking internet marketing techniques. They used it to promote their web based video advertising to businesses worldwide.
  • Shofron’s successful internet advertising has been featured in the Google AdWords tutorial.
  • Shofron’s unique marketing strategies were used as a case study in the book Vision, Brilliance, Success: A Handbook for Global Entrepreneurs by Dr. Shaan Kumar, which was endorsed by the United States Global Entrepreneurs Association.
  • Action Marketing’s strategies were prominently featured as examples of successful internet marketing techniques in e-commerce: business, technology, society (4th edition, Pearson Prentice Hill), the leading textbook on the subject of internet marketing used by major universities worldwide.
  • Action Marketing’s unique approach to Google marketing was featured in Bloomberg Business Week.

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